Mineral Water Packaging Bottles Dangerous?

Drink bottled mineral water is often chosen because of its practicality. However, you should think again after reading this review.
The plastic bottles pose a serious threat to your health. Plastic molecules of chemicals harmful to the water stored in it. Chemicals including phthalates used to soften the bottle.
Exposure to these chemicals can cause reproductive disorders, liver problems and cancer. In fact, these chemicals can melt when you save a plastic bottle when exposed to heat.
Not only that, about 1.5 million tons of plastic are also used to produce bottles of water each year worldwide. And processing can not be separated from toxic compounds, such as nickel, ethylbenzene oxide, ethylene and benzene.
Many dentists and pediatricians worry that children who drink bottled water may be susceptible to cavities. In fact, most of the bottled water does not contain fluoride than tap water.
Indeed there has been no comprehensive study to prove it. However, a small study showed a slight tendency toward tooth decay of children who drink more bottled water.
A South Australian study shows children who do not drink the tap water has fluoride was 52.7 percent higher risk of tooth decay problems.

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