Style Jumping Batman Can Kill

like a bat, Batman hovering lightly down from the 10th floor of a building in the city of Gotham only to develop his sleeve. But never, never comes to mind to imitate the style of Batman in the movies. Human style of bat was only possible on paper comics or in the imagination of Hollywood directors.

Four graduate students of University of Leicester, England, to calculate if Bruce Wayne, Gotham City is a mysterious millionaire, it is really desperate to jump from 10 floor building with just relying on the wings of his robes. Then surely there would be no longer the city of Gotham's hero. Batman's body would be crushed, devastated.

In his research paper titled "Trajectory of a falling Batman," David Marshall, Ian Griffiths, Gareth Douglas, and Tom Hands, create a mathematical formula to calculate velocity and acceleration when Batman jumps from a height of 150 meters.

According to David, only Batman cape wingspan 4.7 meters wide or only half of the wingspan glider or paragliding. If Batman is really jumping from a height of 150 meters, according to a mathematical model that made David and his friends, Bruce Wayne will be flying up to a distance of 350 meters.

That would make Batman is the speed of the fall of the damned. Because of the influence of gravity, Batman's body will fall with speeds reaching 80 kilometers per hour as it approached the ground. Not a single human being could withstand loads as high-speed collision with it.

"The effect is similar to being hit by a truck traveling at 80 kilometers per hour," said David, last week, as quoted SieneDaily.

"If he wants his body remained intact, Batman should use the wider wings or use the jet on the back to reduce the speed of the fall." Said David.

Or, says 22-year-old student was quoted as saying Dvice, if you still want to use the wings to jump, Batman could imitate the style of Gary Conery. Bersayapnya dressed, she became the first man who jumped from the helicopter and selamatn. Of course, the fall in a pile of cardboard.

Or if he's not ashamed, can also be armed with a parachute jump with Batman. Yes, no gallant did not matter, what matters is not safe?

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