Wet Dreams After Sahur

When we are fasting, do something that broke the fast without conscience or without kesesengajaan, such as eating or drinking, then his fast is void because it was done without any intent or without awareness.

Wet dreams occur without deliberate intent and without the person experiencing it. Wet dreams occur due to biological processes when the capacity of the sperm had crossed the threshold, then the sperm out of a dream, which came to be called a wet dream.
Because it's a wet dream occurs outside our conscious intent or, the same ruling as we eat or drink accidentally. Therefore, the fast is still valid and should be continued until sunset.

There are some activities that may be considered by some to break the fast, including a wet dream. And if you refer to a valid descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad found it does not invalidate the fast. What are they?

Islam commands us to maintain cleanliness, one with dental hygiene. Therefore it is recommended that brushing your teeth while fasting. It refers to a hadith, 'Amir bin Rabi'a R.A. said, "I saw the Prophet while he was brushing fasting" (Ahmad and Bukhari).

Vomiting and wet dreams
People who muntadan wet dream fast is not canceled because it was beyond her capabilities. As the hadith, "Not off the yangmuntah, yangmimpi sex, and berbekam (blood drawn)." (Abu Daud).

Kissing wife
Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Umm Salamah r.a. said, "Prophet Muhammad kissed me when he was fasting" (Tirmidhi).

It was narrated from Aisha RA, "The Prophet Muhammad SAW hug and kiss (his wife) while fasting, and he is better able to refrain from any of you" (Bukhari).

Blood was taken
Fasting blood taken for laboratory purposes or as donors of blood does not invalidate the fast unless the donor's body becomes weak (drop), is allowed to break the fast. This refers to the hadith, "Prophet Muhammad SAW berbekam (blood drawn) when he was fasting" (Bukhari).

Bath during the day
Bath during the day did not break the fast as the following description of a best friend, "I saw the Messenger of Allah pour water on his head as fast as the hot weather" (Ahmad).

Rinsing the mouth
Umar R.A. said, "One day I was happy then I kissed [my wife] and I was fasting. Then I went to the Prophet Muhammad said, 'Today I made a big mistake, I'm kissing his wife when fasting,' Rasulullah SAW said, 'What do you think if you rinse with water, but you are fasting? ' I replied, 'It's okay,' The Prophet said, 'Then why?' "(Reported by Ahmad and Abu Daud)


July 27, 2012 at 12:00 PM

informasi yg sangat bermanfaat sob..
selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa e..

July 27, 2012 at 2:37 PM

bahahahaa, ane dulu pernah gan, malah kata pacar ane batal, kalau belum mandi wajib sebelum imsak, yaudah ane batal.

pas ane tanya sama dosen katanya "gak apa-apa, gak batal"
ternyata ini alasannya, hahahahaha
thanks banget sob :D :D

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