10 Gadgets that Make You Look Old

Before the gadget kind of BlackBerry, Android, iPod or iPhone into the choice of most people, Nokia, Motorola, Sega became the primary choice of gadget mania.

Sega and a Tamagotchi game options while Motorola and Nokia had achieved full status as »cell phone a million people." Are you including the generation of these old school gadget users?
Here are 10 old school gadget that makes you look old.
A. Sega Genessis
Do you belong to the generation that likes to play video games kind of Sega? There are many games that can be played such as Sonic, Mario Bross, or Jurrasic Park. Genessi Sega launched the first time in 1989 in North America for $ 189.99 dollars. Sega quickly became popular among teenagers and adults.
2. Super Nintendo (SNES)
In the early 1990s, the rival Sega got hard from the Super Nintendo. Nintendo to be an alternative option that is not less popular than Sega. In the era of the 1990s, as many as 300,000 units Nintendo sold out in just a few hours in Japan. Because of his best-selling Nintendo, the Japanese government ordered manufacturers to Nintento to delay the launch of Nintendo games on the weekends. This is done so as not to interfere with the bustle of Japanese citizens.
3. The first output of flip mobile phone Motorola
In 1996, the world scene with the first flip mobile phone with the Motorola StarTAC type. At that time, at least 60 million mobile phone units was successfully sold. In addition to the model which is a new breakthrough, the first flip mobile phone is a phone first to use the vibration feature.
4. DVD and laser disc
In 1996, also launched the first DVD and laser disc. The way to watch movies through LPs appeared in Japan in November 1996 and in the United States in March 1997. DVD release of the world's revolutionizing the way people watch television.
5. Tamagotchi
Indonesia was also shocked with the kind of Tamagotchi game. A simulation game where users seemed to have a pet. This gadget allows the users to feed, take a walk, bathe. Tamagotchi managed to build imagination users like to have a real pet. Until 2010, at least 76 million Tamagotchi units were sold worldwide.
6. Nokia 5110
Nokia 5110 mobile phone type is called a cell phone had a million people in Indonesia. Nokia 5110 could become a trend among residents of Jakarta in particular. Besides can be used for phone and sms, Nokia 5110 has three types of games, memory, logic and the most famous, or snake Snake. This phone also has several applications including the revolutionary moment like calendar and currency converter.
7. Nokia 3310
After 5110 the main options, Nokia is developing other mobile, 3310. The phone also was the top choice in Indonesia. Facilities contained in it is a development of the Nokia 5110 such as a calculator, stop watch, reminder. Types of games offered, among others, Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Sms facility provided any longer that 459 characters.
8. Motorola RAZR
This phone is the main option with a futuristic appearance. Flip mobile phone is only a half inch wide and very light and can carry it everywhere. This mobile phone also has some red and blue colors.
9. The first generation iPod
The first iPod had five gigabytes of memory. This iPod can hold 1,000 songs. The first iPod prices to reach U.S. $ 399 and launched in 2001.
10. Original Playstation
This game became the first video game console which sold 100 million units within 9 years and 6 months. This product became the most successful product replaces Sony and Nintendo and Sega.

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