Nostalgia Fasting First celebrity new convert

The first day of fasting, has always been a special moment. Every day people make sense of it in various ways, such as setting up and breaking dawn meal special, to use the new equipment for tarawih prayers.

But no one can match the mixed feelings of happiness, anxiety, and was touched for the first time to run it as a Muslim. Starting from adjusting to waking up to dawn, to take the time to follow the Koran and the Sunnah prayers Apostle recommendation.

This is perceived by Jessica Iskandar first time fasting. Since the creed say two sentences a year ago, this year is both a Muslim Ramadan. "I can not wait. This is the second month of Ramadan for me, but this time I missed her. Wanted to be able to worship fervently, "said the artist was born in Jakarta, January 29, 1988 it.
"This is the second month of Ramadan for me, this time I missed," said Jessica Alexander. (This is)

Understandably, the fast last year's performers are acknowledged not perfect Pesbukers run like a true Muslim. "Last year was not too steady to practice fasting, and do not understand the procedure correctly. Most are still half-day fast, "recalls Dealova movie star in it.

Experience fast last year as a learning be Jessica. "In the first days of my stomach like a rebel, and the need to adjust to a changing diet. Several days of fasting, the stomach ulcer signs began Tada. Perhaps in shock by the change in hours of eating. Besides the body also felt weak all day. "Said the presenter's Powerful.

But Ramadan this time, Jessica has been established determination. There will be some holes along there is no 'barrier'. "I delegated a lot of luck this year. So I wanted to be grateful to comply with the solemn prayer and fasting that is part of the pillars of Islam, "said 24-year-old girl.

Luckily, Jessica intention to solemn worship is a lot of support. Especially her father who embraced Islam. All Jessica needs to run the service feels more smoothly.

Beautiful actress Natalie Sarah also has a unique memory of the first fasting. The age of 29 years, Sarah has experience in running a tortuous journey of worship like a Muslim. Since embracing Islam in 2001, this decision was opposed by many large families.

When fasting the first time, she still secretly do it. Even a few times, she had no meal at home because his family members have started to put the suspect. "Be, during fasting I rarely at home. First first mukena, bought from the fee into the soap opera extras. Because after school I never asked for money IAGI same mama, "he said.

Then how she celebrates the victory? "I also celebrate their own Lebaran with friends outside. Although it myself but it did not reduce the sense of grateful pleasure, "recalls Sarah. Over the years, she explained about the new converts it to his mama. Fortunately, over time, Sarah's mother also approved the decision.

Alice Norin beautiful artist claimed his first full fast memories. Since becoming a convert since 2007, the mother fully supports her decision Alince embraced Islam. As a result, during the course of worship, Alice had never experienced significant difficulties. Even always have the support and guidance. "Fasting is the first time I fully know." He said proudly.

Alice admitted, when the new becomes the first fasting Islam there is no void. (This is)

It is precisely in the second year fasting is felt more heavily by film stars Love this Remix. For this year, Alice get their ordeal, his beloved mother died.

"In 2008 my mother died, since then all the rituals of the fasting month of change and begin to feel different. Usually the mother is always there to remind and encourage breaking dawn together. Each month of Ramadan, mama also diligently give me advice, "recalls women born in Norway, June 21, 1987 it.

Now, every month of Ramadan came, Alice turn bedtime ritual. In order to get up the meal on time, Alice had to bring an alarm clock 'sleeping together'. Because that's the only way to wake him for a meal. Habits came after his mother died, because the mother was the one who used to wake him when the time comes Ruling.

Another case of fasting ritual with the first actor is perceived by the actor Junior Porridge Pilgrimage, El bead. Throughout his status as a Muslim, Ramadan fasting since passed smoothly converted in 1993. The secret? "As part of fasting for the first time, I was not surprised. Because before it converts already practice fasting. I went along with the Muslims who fast. Since converts until now I always fast full, "recalls El Manik.

El Manik added, fasting is like down the engine. Machines that used to work and hold it hot, so I need to get off the machine occasionally.

"So it is with our bodies. Imagine the year we continued to eat every day, so it needs its time to not eat or drink for a whole month through fasting, "he said steadily.

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