Jeremy Lin Rockets Official Belongs

Jeremy Lin finally left the club where he made his name, the New York Knicks, and chose to move to Houston Rockets. Departure 'Linsanity' suspected Knicks do not agree with the amount of payment requested.

Houston offers a fee of $ 25.1 million to Lin for a three-year contract. Until the deadline, the Knicks still do not provide comparable bids. Lin was finally released to Texas.

"I do not see present here as a king who will rule," Lin said in a press conference, told Reuters.

"It is a journey that can not be trusted, many things happen after seeing what happened last season. I still have to remind myself not to big head," he continued.

"Hailed as the free-agent, I was not going to leave the Knicks. But having come here and talk, I will not sign a contract with Houston if it does not feel challenged to play well here," said Taiwan's descent player.

Players graduated from Harvard's career in the NBA is not very smooth. Could strengthen the Golden State Warriors, Lin eventually be thrown into the League of China and the D-League (developmental league created NBA).

However, last season was a golden period in Lin's career to date, appearing as a starter in 32 matches he scored an average of 14.6 points per game. Even the action could make the NBA fever 'Linsanity'. Is her success story will continue in the Rockets? We look forward to it.

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