Review Commission Neneng nephew Nazaruddin

Suspected cases of corruption in Solar Power Procurement in the Ministry of Manpower (Manpower), Neneng Sri Wahyuni, re-inspected by the investigation team of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Wife of convicted bribe Muhammad Nazaruddin Pensions Athletes were examined with his nephew, Cut Winda.

Both were examined as a witness regarding the case to obstruct the investigation in the case of PLTS in the Procurement Directorate of Manpower P2MKT involving two citizens of Malaysia. Cut specially Winda, examination today was rescheduled from the previous call on Thursday, July 19, 2012.

Checked after about five hours, Winda who claimed recently graduated high school (SMA) has left the building anti-corruption agency was around 17:00 pm. Winda KPK itself known to one of the suspects WN Malaysia, Azmi Mohamad Yusof R. However, women who wearing pink is admitted, he did not know one or two Malaysian citizen who is accused of obstructing KPK investigators in handling corruption cases such PLTS.

"Yes, citizens were asked about Malaysia. But, I do not know them," said the sweet girl with glasses in front of the KPK.

Winda was known to undergo a face to face in the KPK prisoners who were on the ground floor of the building KPK. Of that, Winda Cut admitted, KPK investigators have expressed himself in the examination of reasons for face to face it. "Yes, said investigators were on the 8th floor room is full," he said.

However, Winda denied that he was confronted with one of the suspects in the investigation as a witness this time. "No (confronted)," he said.

Not long ago, Winda and then immediately dismiss a taxi, and left the Building Commission. While for Neneng, until the news was revealed not look out of the Building Commission.

Previously reported, the KPK has arrested two citizens of Malaysia, namely M Hasan bin Kushi and R. Azmi bin Muhammad Yusof who has been named as a suspect. Kushi M Hasan bin detained at Jakarta Police, while the R Azmi bin Muhammad Yusof huddled in East Jakarta Metro Police.

Both are alleged to use Article 21 of Law Number 31 Year 1999 on Combating Criminal Acts of Corruption (Corruption).

The article explains that any person who willfully prevent, hinder or frustrate the investigation directly or indirectly to the accused would be liable to imprisonment or a fine. While the maximum sentence in this article, which is 12 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp600 million.

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