Adjusting During Fasting Diet

Month of Ramadan has arrived. Time for a whole month of fasting obligations undertaken.

For health, fasting is good. Unfortunately, many of us the wrong set when breaking and eating the meal.

Clinical dietician, dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK, suggested that to keep eating healthy foods during fasting.
"The formula is 4J: number, schedule, type of cooking and stance," he explained.

Doctors working in Siloam Hospital Semanggi MRCC, Jakarta, was also given a few tips and proper diet during the fasting month.

A. Schedule

Of course during fast changes in feeding schedules. Than the usual three times a day, now only twice a day, at dawn and go. Physician Samuel invites us to work around this smart.

"Choose the food when the meal that can last longer in the body and keep blood sugar levels remain stable. Do not eat foods that trigger blood sugar levels quickly dropped because it causes more rapid onset of hunger," he explained.

2. Number

The amount of food that we eat when the meal should be the same as when we eat on a normal day. When awake to eat the meal, choose a complete meal consisting of rice, a source of complete protein and fat.

3. Kick-cook

Nutrition of any food can be known from the way of cooking. During fasting, most people choose food as long as the origin of satiety. And if you know the tricks, the food will help your body that are not easily hungry, weak, tired and lethargic.

"Do not eat much fried food and too much protein because it can make a quick thirst. Choose complex carbohydrates, which is brown rice, which helps keep blood sugar levels remain stable," he said.

4. Type

Samuel doctor also suggested to include the source of sugar 10 minutes before the Ruling. But, do not enter the complex sugar or sugary foods department. Eat fruits or vegetables that contain carbohydrates and fiber.

"The fruit is chewed directly or blended, not on the juice. Carbs in the fruit will be absorbed by the body slowly and down slowly so that fiber helps keep the blood sugar remains stable and does not make hungry faster. Afterward, drink at least four glasses of water to avoid dehydration , "he explained.

Nearly 14 hours of fasting, finally it was time to break. Because blood sugar levels are very low, then immediately broke with the sweet. Eits, not compote, syrup, ice tea or fruit. Choose a sweet sound, that is fruit juice.

"If you chew the fruit meal fit, fit to open the fruit in juice, because there is no fiber. Choose a juicy fruit, like watermelon, cantaloupe or orange. Contain only water and juice are needed because during fasting low water levels in the body," he explained.

Continue with the sunset prayer. After the prayer, you can complete such as eating a meal. Then praying Taraaweeh. His return, should not eat foods containing complex carbohydrates to fill the muscle and become carbohydrate reserves for the next day's fasting.

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