Fasting Detox Ala Dr Oz

You who love to watch "Oprah Winfrey Show" must be familiar with Dr. Oz. She is the caregiver health section on Oprah's show, before then make your own health events.

Dr. Oz, who has the full name Cengiz Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon is (heart surgeon) famous in America. Muslim doctors and Turkish-Americans of mixed blood is mixing Western medicine with Eastern methods - such as acupuncture.
When not shooting or practice physician, Dr. Oz preoccupied with his duties as an instructor at Columbia University. He also filled with a flurry of writing (there are 400 more posts - as well as several books have appeared on his behalf).

With such achievements, quoted from the Oprah website, in 2009 Dr. Oz came on as one of the 500 Muslim leaders who inspire the world.

On several occasions, Dr. Oz said that fasting is a form of healthy diet. Fasting, he argues, is a form of detoxification of toxins in the body. Fasting is also one of the most natural form of detoxification and natural to do, rather than a specific diet.

According to him, fasting can condition your body to remove toxins, because in fact the human body has a natural detoxification system. With a regular diet in the month of fasting, your body can become conditioned to detoxify naturally.

Metabolic detoxification organs, namely liver, colon and kidneys to process and sort out systematically with a toxic food that may be contained in it. Fasting will optimize the work of the organs of detoxification metabolism so that the more fluent and natural detoxification.

In his official website, Dr. Oz gives you the option menu item that can be consumed during the fasting month to further optimize the detoxification. The first is the pineapple, because it contains substances that can aid digestion.

The second is the ginger - mentioned have content that may stimulate bile becomes more optimal performance. Vegetables, celery, radishes, cabbage and cucumber are also recommended for consumption because it also contain material that is positive for the detox process.

Third, do not forget to eat a banana that is full of vitamin B6, one of the content of which is the key to detoxification.

Fortunately, the food was to be found easily in the market. And if it is able to combine the menus were in balance, then of course we will be able to run the fasting month of this charity to smoothly and effectively. Worship is obtained, the body was healthy.

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